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Electromagnetic radiation in the frequency range from roughly 0.1 THZ to 10 THZ, corresponding to wavelengths from 3 mm down to 30 mm. Such frequencies are higher than those of radio waves and microwaves, but lower than those of infrared light.

Terahertz waves have
– Lower frequency
– Lower wavelength
– Lower quantum energy
– Lesser heating issues

1. Harmless but powerful.
2. Can penetrate most organic substances.
3. Absorbed by water.
4. The future of medicine.

1. Harmless but powerful.
2. More and more research is now being done.
3. So far no one has given negative testimonies.
4. THZ radiation is non-ionizing and is considered to be safe for humans at low frequencies.

1. We never claim to be able to treat or cure patients or individuals.
2. Only doctors and licenced professional are allowed to treat and cure patients.
3. The i-TeraCare blower is a therapeutic device and helpswith natural healing focusing on meridien/chakra and reflexology points.

1. Once a day is already good enough
2. If you have the time, you can do up to 3 times in a day. Give a period of 4 hours in between each treatment.

1. It comes with a 1 year warranty. Make sure register your warranty in your back office upon receiving your product. (You are given 2 weeks from the date of purchase to register your warranty).
2. The blower is expected to last at least 5 years if you handle with care.

1. i-TeraCare is contracted with a reputable manufacturer who is certified by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Sinochem. Their product is also patented. Their reputation is at stake.
2. In spite of stringent quality control, we have to accept that some may turn up to be faulty (3%).
3. i-TeraCare will look into or replace each and every device which is a result of the manufacturer’s fault.
4. Send the device back to the company with a note stating your details, especially your name, H/P no., returm address, user ID
and the problem with the blower. It will be duly looked into.

1. You can blow any time you want, day or night.
2. Most important is you do not rush. Find time for yourself.
3. Other more important issues are do not drink anything cold after treatment, shower 4 hours after treatment.

1. People have used up to 50 minutes with no side effects except improvements.
2. 15 to 30 minutes will be just good depending on severity.
3. Just because something is good, we must not overdo things.

1. No minimum age.
2. It is even helping infants as much as elderly people.

1. Normally up to 1 hour.
2. If it’s too hot, an auto cut off switch will switch off the blower. Do not panic. Let it cool and you can use it again.
3. Ideally, use for 15 to 30 minutes > Stop > Let it Cool > Then use again.

1. Just like a car needs different kinds of oil to function well, the body needs different nutrients as well by way of healthy food or supplements to keep it healthy.
2. The blower works on the therapeutic level, whereas the supplements and healthy food help nutritionally.

1. Just as we eat and drink daily to maintain our health, blowing daily maintains what you have solved.
2. If the body could solve the problem by itself, you do not need the blower.
3. So when you stop blowing, the body might try to revert to its old condition.

1. Some people start seeing results even after the first time.
2. Anywhere from 5 to 15 times will be good to see good results.
3. It all depends on how chronic the problem is, your body condition and general health.

1. The diference is this device also blows Terahertz energy and a target light.
2. In facts, ladies are using the i-TeraCare blower to blow scalp and hair and finding their scalp and hair getting stronger and also the hair getting thicker. They also notice less hair fall.

1. Presently only the manufactures have a testing device.
2. The cheapest device in the market presently is about USD 300 – 400.
3. For our purpose, you can do a simple energy test. You can find the link on how to do it on YouTube.

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